This is awesome! Now, show me the change log from all the previous releases!

What is this?

An experiment. A process. This website is created incrementally and the progress is public and announced on twitter.


For a number of reasons. To learn and improve. And because it´s fun.


By releasing early and releasing often. And by following the process outlined below.

The result?

Who knows? That said, I do have a direction and a bunch of requirements. But hey, since this is an agile process they may change over time.

  1. All ideas are collected and prioritized in a product backlog, as user stories.
  2. The top user story is selected and included in the sprint backlog during the coming sprint (that is, iteration). As soon as that user story is done, a new is added to the sprint backlog*. The ambition is to complete one sprint a week. Each sprint is short, timeboxed to no more than a few spare off-hours.
  3. Following each sprint a new version of the site is released online. Release early, release often. The result from the previous sprint is archived (for example, to find the site from sprint 1 use the following URL: /sprint/1).
  4. The most recent sprint backlog is added to the site.
  5. The new release is announced on twitter (follow @davidlitmark).

* This is a modification compared to the first sprint that had more of a Scrum approach whereas this process is more influenced by Kanban, and more suitable since the available hours each week are unknown in advance.

This requirement must be fulfilled each release.

  1. The site appears and behaves as intended in the latest version of chrome on a mac running osx lion. Here's why: The time boxing for each sprint does not permit testing on each platform and on a variety of browsers (or devices). You will probably be able to browse the site but it may look like absolute sh**e. If it does it obviously will be fixed sometime, but not until I get around to it.

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